I had an “aha moment” during writing my thesis. In a moment of clarity, it occurred to me ahameoment_yellowthat the hospital uses visual indicators throughout the hospital. Whether in the form of a biohazard sign or a wheel chair parking sign, these were all icons that relayed immediate information to the viewer. This idea of using a visual language could be translated into the everyday life of an allergy sufferer was an essential part of the system.

food2I reached out to the dining services at Tufts University.  I  collaborated with the Nutrition/Marketing Specialist at Tufts University regarding my thesis.  We worked  together and created marketing collateral to be used during an allergy awareness day at Tufts University. One poster contained a QR reader which, when scanned, takes the user to the university’s meal planning website.

Dribbble_flyerThe allergy awareness day was dedicated Tufts_flyer_Awarness_Day_version_1.inddto increasing awareness of food allergies and intolerances in the Tufts Dining Center.

During the event numerous students reached out to the Nutritional specialist. Allergy awareness day was such a success the plan is to have a day be an annual event.  Alot of the students stated that it was the imagery that caught their attention.  Icons/images are important because rely information quickly.

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